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According to Cryss, being a musician is a much older job than the oldest profession in the world. Therefore he thought to have all the time in the world to enjoy the passion of music. Perhaps this is the reason why it took a quite long time to Cryss to start his career as a professional DJ & Producer. But it’s never too late, when it comes to music. His mother was a talented singer and songwriter but has had to give up her music career for health reasons. So Cryss took over, as a child, learning the first guitar and keyboard chords from his mother.

During the high school it was Cryss that made the crazy vibe at al the parties, mixing music on tapes or vinyls and then, in his 20s, on CDs in clubs.

The development of the Internet and thus fabulous technique and communication in recent years and almost 20 years living among artists, as a radio DJ, Cryss have led to the decision to begin a professional career on its own and an “another level life” as a musician, DJ, composer and producer, life that offers him more satisfaction than anything in the world. So in the last 5 years his life changed radically in terms of the attention he gave and gives to music, in all areas. Cryss considers also that music is made up of the combination of musical notes, but more important than this is the combination of the sounds. The sounds are those that are most often transmitting the emotional state that the artist wants to share with his fans.

Considering all these aspects and belief, Club Connections represents Cryss’s intentions to connect his listeners with the club atmosphere and cause them along a single hour, the real party vibe. This vibe is alive inside us all the time, not just on weekends. So every first Tuesday of the month the weekend starts earlier, with the warming-up show Club Connections on Digitally Imported Radio / Progressive Channel.

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