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DVRKO. A future from the past. Deep compression, resonance in a crowded room to mute the noise. The essence of bass, comprised partially of post-consumer content. Some if it parted out from a stolen lime bike. Echoes and formants without an expect. Anthems speaking through a prism that would destroy itself if it wasn’t beautiful. It is. Live cut strings, far too many muffs, live drums, and an occasional Theremin.

DVRKO’s debut original single, “This is How” featuring Sarah De Warren, was a strong showing for the producer’s first effort. Released via independent label L1N3 Records, the track has racked up more than 5 million global streams to date, with 350,000 of those within the first two weeks of its May 11 release, and was quickly added to the popular “Friday Cratediggers” Spotify playlist. The original mix soared to #36 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator chart in mid-July, and at the time was the only song on the chart released by an independent record label. The single drew an expansive remix pack, featuring reworks from artists including Jayceeoh, BIJOU, Tony Arzadon, ATLAST, DialedIN, San Noel, Dark Intensity, Sam Silver, Freshcobar, and DJ Gozzi. Upon release, the remix pack’s combined Spotify monthly listeners clocked in at over 2.4 million. On the radio, “This is How” has aired on iHeart Radio’s “Remix Top 30 Countdown,” KLUC-FM Radio Las Vegas’ “Club 985,” Dash Radio’s “Electro City” and “Insomniac Radio” channels, “The Zach Sang Show,” amongst many others. The track was accompanied by an attention-grabbing official music video, the first from the mysterious DVRKO, which has racked up over 1.4 million views and been featured on MTVU, Music Choice, LA-TV and more. Set against the backdrop of an industrialized, dystopian future, the video depicts a masked DVRKO traveling through a fiery, other-worldly portal in a DeLorean to infiltrate a championship aerobic dance competition.

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