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One of the first DJs in Guadalajara, Mexico, Daniel Gomez’s incursion at the electronic music scene was on the decade of the 90’s, under the name DJ Ultrasónico, (Ultrasonic).

From the beginning, Daniel’s dream was to generate, offer and promote high quality music for an always growing and demanding audience, giving performances and shows not only in Guadalajara, but at different cities all along the Mexican territory also US and UK.

Always on the search for a better understanding of what electronic music really is, at the beginning of the year 2010 Daniel managed to create a recording studio at his own home, working endless hours perfecting his technique and skills in order to become one of the best DJs in Mexico.

As it usually happens, all the hard work and time invested in this endeavor recently came to fruition, when he was incorporated into several prestigious record labels around the world, spanning from the United States to Siberia.

In a relatively short period of time, he was well received in the electronic music world. His tracks and sets have been featured by prominent radio broadcasters such as Proton, Digitally Imported and Frisky Radio, achieving the Top Ten Chart on November of 2013.

Along the years he shared the decks with talents like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Hernan Cattaneo, Chris Fortier, David Alvarado, Keoki, Gus Till, Anthony Pappa, Juan Atkins, Bill Hamel, David Hollands, Kennet Graham, Lee Burridge, Cass, Christopher Lawrence, Steve Parry, Jerry Bonham, Steve Lawler, Sandra Collins, , Randall Jones, Sean Cusick, John Debo, Chris Gainer, Luke Fair and many others.

In his free time, Daniel also works with graphic design, currently creating the Artwork for the label Evoked Recordings.

His tracks have all ready been supported by Nick Warren, Lemon8, Richie Hawtin, Suffused, Namatjira, Chris Meehan, Darin Epsilon, Fernando Ferreyra, Robert R. Hardy, Zweiliner, Antrim, Marcelo Vasami, Athan, Julian Rodiguez, Monochronique, Ewan Rill, Alejandro Manso, Nicholas Dales, Julian Dep, Ben Hysa, Ivan Nikusev, Luis Bondio, Arthur Sense, Lucas Rossi, Jason Owen, Dio S, Sasha Alx, Luke Warren, Andy Arias, Pena, Val, Andrea Cassino, Tim Robert, Jordan Petrof, Matt Black, Soulwerk, Marcelo Paladini, Mateo Monero, Mitch Alexander, Suffused, Tim Benjamin, Yuriy From Russia, Dmitry Molosh, Anthony G, Saccao, Zisis D, Asymmetric Recordings, Milan Bogdanovic, Mi-k-I-Bracht Michael, Mariano Montori, Sequ31, Hernan Serrao, Matt Darey, Derek Howell, Joshua Michel, CZD, Hassa Rassmy, Mark Youssef, Booby Deep, Manu F, J Sevilla, Aman, Simos Tagias, Nick Lewis, amongst many others.

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